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Du som köpt eller utvärderar SNMPc har möjlighet att ladda ned Castle Rocks How-To guide fullmatad med tips och instruktioner på hur du snabbt kommer i gång med SNMPc. Filen, som du hämtar via länken SNMPc How To Guides... innehåller alla PDF-dokument nedan.

Områden som behandlas:

- SNMPc Evaluation Guide
- How to Monitor Applications using SNMPc 7
- How to configure a redundant backup server
- How to configure Air Messenger Pro
- Configuring Windows 2000 and XP servers to send events
- How to change the action when an icon is double clicked
- How to compile in a new MIB
- How to configure Auto discover
- How to Configure SNMPc for ODBC Export to Microsoft Access
- How to create a Trend Report and generate alerts on thresholds
- How to Email or Page a User on an Event
- How to implement Text to Speech Alerting into SNMPc
- How to monitor Device Availability and Network Latency
- How to set a map background image
- How to uninstall SNMPc
- How to use map links to represent interface status
- How to create event filters directly from the event viewer
- How to Install a Remote Poller

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